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Are you a CTO?

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I will make you a confident 


leader in 3-6 months.

Leadership is action,

not position,

so act now! 👉👉

and you'll get a game-changing consultant hour with me for free. 

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* Fresh CTOs Leadership Toolbox is a collection of useful tools that will power-up your leadership skills TODAY!

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Once upon a time, there was a frazzled executive named Patricia who got promoted to a leadership position. But she was about as confident as a kitten in a dog park, and her team could sense it.

One day, a leadership coach named Robert showed up and promised to make Patricia a confident leader in just 3-6 months.

Patricia was skeptical, but Robert had a calming presence and a nice suit, so she decided to give it a shot.

Robert taught Patricia all sorts of leadership skills, from communication to delegation, and public speaking. Patricia put in the work, but it wasn't always easy. At times, she felt like she was trying to herd cats instead of managing people.

But with Robert's help, Patricia started to see changes in her team's performance. She even began to stand up straight and speak with conviction. Her team noticed the change, too, and they started to respect her more.

Finally, after six months of hard work, Patricia was a confident leader. She looked back at Robert and said, "Wow, you really did it! I can't believe I'm not a kitten in a dog park anymore!"

Robert laughed and said, "No, now you're more like a lion in a savannah. Just don't get too comfortable or you might end up becoming a house cat again."


But Hey, let's also see what real people think

"I was very, very green..."

Robert held my hand and took me step by step through the entire process of launching a succesfull online coaching business.

Tricia Wanjala, Tricia's Naturals

"Priceless, just what I as looking for"

Excellent content and support, especially when I needed advice for a company abroad.

Marko Šabec, CEO/CTO Alpha Art Market

"Someone I can always rely on!"

My business is based on Robert's software and his business knowledge is just astonishing!

Jernej Kramperšek, Pro-Konto d.o.o.

Do you wish to have an engagedinnovative team, so you can use disruptive technology, become a game changer in your niche and increase your revenue?

Imagine you know how to build a team where members look forward to coming to work, are loyal, and don't consider leaving.

Robert Šefman - your guide

  • I begin my business career as a teacher in a problematic high school, which gives me some exceptional leadership lessons - you'll hear about them all.

  • I build A DREAM TEAM with ordinary employees. No rock stars✨. I'll show you how.

  • I made some total screwups 💥and learned a lot from them! I'll talk about them, so you'll not do them yourself!

  • I'm learning about leadership daily, talking to leaders and converting their experience and mistakes in useful advice.

  • I have launched 3 different succesfull companies: Web ERP provider, Social Media Adverising Agency and Planed Maintenance System provider for maritime customers.

  • Experienced working in different environments: state-owned enterprises, several SME and also at the Slovenian biggest energy provider corporation.

  • Here’s What Will Happen

    After You Submit your Email

    • You will receive your MinMap - the 4 Pillar base to Launch your Business by email.

    • You'll get access to my Exclusive Training on How To Skyrocket Your Business.

    • You'll get an opportunity to join my Life Hack Experiment - probably the only Life Hack you'll ever need to live your full potential.

    • For those of you, who want to start growing NOW and growing FAST, you'll get an invite to a FREE, no-obligation 1-hour Coaching Session with me, where we will dive into your business and find you ways to grow.

      You'll leave a Session with a Custom and Actionable plan which You can Implement Immediately.

      No selling, no pitching, I guarantee.

      I have created a 5 Part "Live Your Full Potential" Formula, and I'll go through it with you for free because I'm willing to invest in You if You are the "Whatever it Takes" person!

      Why? Because I can, and it brings me joy. That simple. 🤷‍♂️

    5 Part



    Structured to fit YOU.

    Regardless of your level of expertise and experience.

    I make you grow no matter where you are now.

      Clarify Vision & Direction

      You don't want to spend your time, energy and money on things that don't bring you profit. Agree?

      We'll refine your PROFIT CLARITY so you'll know exactly what to work on and how:

    • who is your market

    • what is your business model

    • where is the most profitability for your business

    • Strategize Actions

      Do you want to wake up in the morning and have a concrete task list for every day?

      A concrete action plan that will lead you to your goals

      Among other things: 2 C-s to get you a constant flow of paying clients:

    • Communication:

    • get traffic

    • grow your email list

    • craft your offer to be irresistible for your clients

    • Connection:

    • connect with your leads

    • nurture the connections

    • convert them to clients

    • Upgrade your skills

      Never feel unconfident anymore!

      No matter how good you are, you can and should constantly improve. But you must improve the right skills the right way.

      Optimize environment

      Simple changes in the environment can produce enormous differences in results. We constantly refine your environment to make you the most efficient as possible.

      Master your Psychology & Mindset

      Your belief system is the enabler or disabler of right actions. But you can't see the picture while you are in it. I have a bag full of tricks to show you your limitations and help you overcome them easily.

    Still not sure?

    Think of what you could miss and what you could gain:

    4-Pillar Launch Base MindMap as well as my 5-part Training are on me! :)

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