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From Zero to Sale:
Launch Your

First Paid Offer

Learn how to Craft Your First Paid Offer Fast!

Even without a Product or Service!

We'll cover:

  • How to test and monetize your idea quickly and cheaply. This is where most entrepreneurs fail, and you will not.

  • Comfort Zone is a Death Zone. Learn a simple hack to get out of it.

  • $600 MIO idea. What can you learn from that?

  • What to do if someone steals your Idea?

  • If you think you can, or you can't, you're right. The reality behind it, with $$$ example.

  • Incremental vs. Exponential Growth. How do you choose the right path?

  • I'm a Perfectionist. The truth behind it.

  • How I do 150 push-ups, and you could too. And why it matters.

  • You'll leave the workshop with clear 3 easy steps to start.

  • Recording and resources included for life.

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    But you can still join the waiting list for the next one!