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Robert Šefman

I help you find the leverage you need to grow your business.

Where on the business path are you?

Solopreneur or CEO with up to 10 employees  

Tired of juggling between getting new users, slow market expansion, and herding cats (aka hiring top talent)?

Let’s zap those pain points, and put the ‘fun’ back in business fundamentals.

I want to Make Business Fun Again


Once upon a time, there was a frazzled executive named Patricia who got promoted to a leadership position. But she was about as confident as a kitten in a dog park, and her team could sense it.

One day, a leadership coach named Robert showed up and promised to make Patricia a confident leader in just 3-6 months.

Patricia was skeptical, but Robert had a calming presence and a nice suit, so she decided to give it a shot.

Robert taught Patricia all sorts of leadership skills, from communication to delegation, and public speaking. Patricia put in the work, but it wasn't always easy. At times, she felt like she was trying to herd cats instead of managing people.

But with Robert's help, Patricia started to see changes in her team's performance. She even began to stand up straight and speak with conviction. Her team noticed the change, too, and they started to respect her more.

Finally, after six months of hard work, Patricia was a confident leader. She looked back at Robert and said, "Wow, you really did it! I can't believe I'm not a kitten in a dog park anymore!"

Robert laughed and said, "No, now you're more like a lion in a savannah. Just don't get too comfortable or you might end up becoming a house cat again."


But Hey, let's also see what real people think

"I was very, very green..."

Robert held my hand and took me step by step through the entire process of launching a succesfull online coaching business.

Tricia Wanjala, Tricia's Naturals

"Priceless, just what I as looking for"

Excellent content and support, especially when I needed advice for a company abroad.

Marko Šabec, MetaWealth

"Someone I can always rely on!"

My business is based on Robert's software and his business knowledge is just astonishing!

Jernej Kramperšek, Pro-Konto d.o.o.

Robert Šefman - your guide

Started my career teaching in a high school so challenging, it became my crash course in leadership. 

I’ve mastered turning everyday folks into a dream team—no rock stars needed! 

I learn from my epic fails to save you the trouble. 

Every day, I absorb new business and leadership insights to share with you. I’ve launched three successful companies, from tech to marketing, and I have easily navigated diverse business environments. 

Let’s make your business journey a bit smoother.